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Want to try before you buy? The 3 week trial is ideal for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of the Theraplate before committing to purchasing one. 

A 3 week trial is £500 paid up front. You are under no obligation to then purchase the Theraplate and this only secures your trial. If you do decide to then purchase a Theraplate, the £500 is deductible from the purchase price, however if you do not purchase then it is non-refundable. 

Request your 3 week Theraplate trial below through the customer trial request form or alternatively, contact us directly. 

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TheraPlate: Made In The US

PLEASE NOTE: None of the treatments are intended to replace or act as an alternative to conventional treatments given by a Vet.  The Veterinary Surgery Act of 1966 (amended 1996) prohibits anyone other than a Veterinary Surgeon to diagnose ailments and giving of advice on such diagnosis. 


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